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Saving Money

5 Tips For Guilt-Free Spending

After working several hours a day, the last thing we should feel is guilt when we spend our hard-earned money. There are steps you can take to practice guilt-free spending, without hurting your wallet.

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What Is An FU Fund & How To Build One

An FU fund grant you the ability to walk away from situations that no longer serve you—without the stress of finances. Read on to learn more about what FU funds are and how you can start funding your own account.

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How To Manage Your Money As A Single Mom

Being a single mom who is a woman of color presents many obstacles in this country. Collectively, woman of color are devalued, and mothers are discriminated against. Let’s talk about what this means for how to manage your money as a single mom.

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Episode 65: 8 Steps To Build Wealth in 2021

For our final episode of 2020, we are giving you a list of 8 steps to build wealth in 2021. Take out some pen, paper, and a willingness to reflect and plan! Read on to get our 8 steps and a glossary of helpful Yo Quiero Dinero blogposts to get you started on your 2021 dinero journey.

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