111. How To Work & Travel At The Same Time | Jules Costa, Jules On Tap

Jules Costa is a Brazilian content strategist, entrepreneur and digital nomad at @JulesOnTap on Instagram. Jules started out living paycheck-to-paycheck as a freelance copywriter and often struggled to make ends meet. It was only after they realized their own worth and time, quadrupled their rates, and implemented zero-based budgeting (when your income minus expenses equals […]

110. Why Confidence Feels Like Sh*t | Erika Cramer, The Queen Of Confidence

Known as the Cardi B of the personal development world, Erika Cramer aka The Queen of Confidence is a full-flavoured, spicy inspirational speaker and mentor to thousands of women across the globe. Today, she connects with an engaged global community and shares with tens of thousands of women on a daily basis to help empower, […]

108. How To Overcome Financial Abuse | Jennifer Toledo of Talk Finances To Me

Jennifer Toledo is a Latina personal finance educator and Creator of Talk Finances To Me, A blog, YouTube channel, andTikTok dedicated to teaching women how to manage their money while living their best life. After escaping a toxic relationship, Jennifer committed to building her financial literacy in order to build her life back. On her […]

106. Why You Need A Budget | Allison Baggerly, Inspired Budget

Allison Baggerly is a blogger, influencer, and founder of Inspired Budget. As a teacher and small business owner, Allison combined her passion for teaching and finances to help others learn how to start budgeting. Allison and her husband paid off over $111K of debt on 2 teacher salaries while growing their family. Since starting Inspired […]

105. How To Achieve FIRE With A 9-5 | EFG, Everyday Finance Gal

Everyday Finance Gal (“EFG”) is an anonymous blogger & financial independence educator that empowers the everyday person to build generational wealth. She does this by sharing actionable money moves on side hustles, budgeting, saving, paying off debt and investing as well as providing everyday financial literacy tips and sharing her personal wealth journey. EFG is […]

104: The Secret Sauce To Serial Entrepreneurship | Ada Rojas, All Things Ada

Ada V. Rojas is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in establishing successful ventures with a lifestyle focus that infuses themes of culture, community, and confidence. A consummate creative with a multi-faceted career, she is an accomplished speaker, marketing consultant, and the CEO and founder of Vecina Couture, a luxury line of loungewear. As a veteran […]

102. How Being Trans Affects Your Dinero | K. Kenneth Davis, The Trans Capitalist

K. Kenneth Davis is a proud Transgender Male who is the CEO of THE TRANS CAPITALIST LLC, the fastest growing financial literacy resource for the Queer-Transgender community. He has spent the past three years teaching, coaching, and empowering hundreds of queer people around the world. His easy straight to the point entertaining lessons and relatable […]

101. Why You Deserve To Build Wealth | Linda Garcia, In Luz We Trust

California native Linda Garcia is a former marketing executive in TV and film who supported well-recognized TV networks, movie studios and streaming services specifically building programming catered to U.S. Hispanics. After 17 years, she parted ways and decided to create a weekly podcast that is aimed to channel one’s spiritual journey, Let There Be Luz. […]