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10. How To Build A Life You Love | Kim Parrales of Vive Tu Vida

10. How To Build A Life You Love | Kim Parrales of Vive Tu Vida

Kim Parrales is the millennial-immigrant mind and founder behind Vive Tu Vida, a creative outlet that shares mindful-ish & bilingual reminders to inspire others to live their lives in their own terms. During the day, she is what she likes to call herself, a Marketing Fairy at Fratelli Beretta. ⁣ ⁣ Kim’s story is the American story. She came to the USA at age 17 from Ecuador armed with a dream and an hustler’s spirit. Through trials and tribulations, she’s managed to create a life in her own terms, and in this episode, we talk about specific ways that you can build the life of your dreams. ⁣ ⁣ You can follow Kim on Instagram and Twitter.

In Episode 10, Kim talks about:

  • Her relationship growing up with money, the money lessons she wished she learned when she was younger and her family’s backstory
  • How she started her journey after coming to America and the trials and tribulations she experienced along the way
  • Hustling her way into creating a position in her company that didn’t even exist!
  • What advice she has on building your dream life and what happiness means to her
  • How she created her side hustle and the meaning behind Vive Tu Vida

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