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106. Why You Need A Budget | Allison Baggerly, Inspired Budget

106. Why You Need A Budget | Allison Baggerly, Inspired Budget

Allison Baggerly is a blogger, influencer, and founder of Inspired Budget. As a teacher and small business owner, Allison combined her passion for teaching and finances to help others learn how to start budgeting. Allison and her husband paid off over $111K of debt on 2 teacher salaries while growing their family. Since starting Inspired Budget in 2017, Allison has been able to retire as a teacher and take her desire to help others full-time. Now she is helping women all over the world get started with budgeting when they feel lost and overwhelmed. She has built a community of over 123,000 Instagram followersthat turn to her for budgeting advice and inspiration to save more than they ever imagined!

In Episode 106, Allison talks about:

  • Teaching and learning about money with compassion
  • How expecting a child kickstarted her financial journey
  • Budgeting for spenders
  • Budgeting basics
  • How social media can help your financial journey

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