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13. How Delyanne Is Pursuing FI/RE to Retire By 45 | Delyanne Barros of Slay The Stock Market

13. How Delyanne Is Pursuing FI/RE to Retire By 45 | Delyanne Barros of Slay The Stock Market

Delyanne Barros came to the United States as a child from Brazil, and spent much of her life in Miami as an undocumented immigrant. She was eventually able to go to law school, but when she graduated in 2008, she had $150,000 in student debt and no wealth to her name. After discovering the FIRE movement (Financial Independence / Retire Early) she decided to create Master My Fire, a financial coaching practice, to raise awareness about achieving financial freedom. She is also pursuing her own debt-free journey, currently paying off $110,000 in student loans in 15 months. She plans to be debt-free by December 2020 and achieve FIRE by 2028. Through her digital course, Slay The Stock Market, she provides her clients with investing coaching so that they can achieve their own financial goals to fund their dream life. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter or join her Facebook Group.

Editors Note: Since this episode was recorded, Delyanne paid off her student loans 5 months ahead of schedule and has accelerated her FIRE journey even faster! You can read her story in NextAdvisor and Business Insider.

In Episode 13, Delyanne talks about:

  • Balancing a full-time job with being a student
  • Navigating your way into the world of personal finance
  • The personal finance and investing learning curve

If you are new to FI/RE, this episode will give you the perfect overview. Not only does Delyanne walk us through her money journey, but she also talks through how she found FI/RE and what it will look like for her. Delyanne’s story and platform is truly one of inspiration; listening to it is a great first step to anyone who has been too afraid to step into this world.

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