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15. How Liz Quit Her Job To Pursue Entrepreneurship | Liz Enriquez of Ambitious Adulting

15. How Liz Quit Her Job To Pursue Entrepreneurship | Liz Enriquez of Ambitious Adulting

Liz Enriquez is a Personal Finance mentor who helps millennials become more confident investors and money managers. She is the founder of Ambitious Adulting. Liz was born in Mexico and moved to Canada when she was 5. Her family of 6 lived in a motel and then a 2-bedroom apartment. After struggling with anxiety, Liz recognized she needed to take control of her finances to feel secure and at peace. At age 18 she started investing and saving aggressively. This helped her pay off her student loans, buy two properties and reach a 6-figure net worth by age 28. Follow her on Instagram and YouTube.

In Episode 15, Liza talks about:

  • Growing up low-income—at the time, we don’t always realize the extent of our family’s struggle while we’re young. Sometimes, it’s not until years later that we realize.
  • Money shame—the kind that comes when you realize you’ve made a big money mistake, but don’t even know how it was a mistake to begin with!
  • The beginnings of her investing journey
  • The back story on how she started Ambitious Adulting
  • The pros and cons she’s experienced as being self-employed

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