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49. How To Protect Your Business Using Trademarks | Taylor M. Tieman, Esq. of Legalmiga®

49. How To Protect Your Business Using Trademarks | Taylor M. Tieman, Esq. of Legalmiga®

Taylor M. Tieman, Esq. is an attorney and founder of Legalmiga®, an accessible legal services membership created specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs. She assists and advises her clients on how to legally protect their brands, services, products & content through the effective use of preventative measures and legal strategy. Taylor operates a virtual law firm based out of Los Angeles, California and specializes in trademarks, contracts, copyright, podcasts, and business formation. She is currently a member of the Latina Lawyers Bar Association & the Mexican-American Bar Association.

In episode 49, Taylor and I discuss:

  • ⁠The not-so-sexy but SUPER important aspects of owning a small biz⁠
  • Becoming a lawyer and then realizing that not everyone is making a ton of money with a law degree
  • ⁠How to avoid copyright infringement⁠⠀
  • All things trademarking and the trademark process!⁠⠀

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