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6. How Kristhy Paid Off $35K in 1 Year | Kristhy Cavero of KC Money Management

6. How Kristhy Paid Off $35K in 1 Year | Kristhy Cavero of KC Money Management

Today’s episode features an amazing and inspiring guest, Kristhy Cavero of KC Money Management. For the last six years, Kristhy has been a senior accountant at a global consumer electronics company. Despite being a full time accountant, financial literacy was not a subject she was well versed in. This led Kristhy to immerse herself in mastering key concepts of personal finance, which helped her pay off 35K of debt in 1 year! With her newfound debt freedom, Kristhy became a Dave Ramsey Certified Master Financial Coach and founded KC Money Management – a coaching business dedicated to helping others fine tune their budgets, get out of debt, and build real wealth. She hopes to inform and inspire others to break the cycle of debt and live a financially healthy life. Follow KC Money Management on Instagram!

In Episode 6, Kristhy talks about:

  • Her relationship with money growing up
  • The differences between accounting and personal finance
  • What motivated the change of her spending habits
  • The strategies she used to achieve debt freedom and what setbacks she faced along the way
  • Her advice on how to get control of your own finances

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