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75. How To Navigate Your Finances As An Immigrant | Oyifijeh Aadum of Immigrants Thrive

75. How To Navigate Your Finances As An Immigrant | Oyifijeh Aadum of Immigrants Thrive

Oyifijeh Aadum is founder of Immigrants Thrive, a financial education platform that serves immigrants to North America by empowering them with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to save more, pay off their debt, build wealth in a sustainable way and give back to their communities. A native of Nigeria, she worked in the international financial industry for over 8 years, and soon realized that many financial professionals are just selling products, rather than educating their clients. She uses her platform to provide the financial education needed to traverse the complicated world of finance and investment in North America. She also has a weekly podcast, Thrive With Fijeh, where she answers most pressing money and business questions from her community.

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