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77. How To Crush Your Money Goals | Bernadette Joy, Money Expert & Educator

77. How To Crush Your Money Goals | Bernadette Joy, Money Expert & Educator

Bernadette Joy is a Filipina Financial Rockstar & Founder & CEO of CRUSH Your Money Goals, a financial education and media companybusting the myths of traditional personal finance to teachyou how to pay off debt, save for what matters and build real wealth [not fake Instagram rich].

Bernadette Joy and her husband went from 6 figures in debt to working towards their first $1M of net worth. Overwhelmed and ignored by traditional finance, she learned not just to talk the talk. She walks the walk, having paid off over $300,000 of debt in three years.

Dubbed her “magic recipe” by Good Morning America, she’s shared her trademarked five-step Crush Your Money Goals® method as a contributor for CNBC, TIME, and multiple TV and podcast shows. When she’s not teaching, find her singing karaoke, delving into DIY projects, and eating way too much chocolate with her husband AJ.

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  • Have money conversations with everyone around you with confidence and ease instead of guilt or judgment

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Jannese Torres-Rodriguez is a award-winning Latina Money Expert, Educator, Speaker, Writer and Business Coach. She became an accidental entrepreneur after a job loss led her to create a successful Latin food blog, Delish D’Lites. Now, she helps her clients and listeners build successful online businesses that allow them to pursue financial independence and freedom.

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