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82. How Erika Discovered Her Purpose & Built A Business Using TikTok | Erika Cruz, Purpose-Drive Latina

82. How Erika Discovered Her Purpose & Built A Business Using TikTok | Erika Cruz, Purpose-Drive Latina

Erika Cruz is a Self-Discovery Expert, TikTok Partner, and Founder of Purpose-Driven Latina. She helps first-gen millennials align with their purpose and find fulfillment through mindset and mindfulness. After eight years in the tech industry, Erika turned her side hustle into her main hustle – all thanks to TikTok. As the proud daughter of Mexican Immigrants, Erika is aware of the lack of resources that were available to her growing up. For this reason, she is on a mission to connect other first-gens with the tools and resources to kill it. Her content on TikTok focuses on bringing people back to themselves so they can align with their deeper purpose, gain confidence, and dream big.

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