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Art of Side Hustling

If you’re struggling to reach your financial goals or just want to crush them faster, you need to earn more money. PERIODT. And guess what… this email is giving you one hell of a helping hand. This is your invite to my FREE Art of the Side Hustle Webinar. In this webinar, we’re gonna have f*ck-ton of fun learning how to bring in more dinero each month with a side hustle you love.

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The Financially Lit Latina

The Ultimate Blueprint For Becoming Poderosa With Your Dinero. This free 14 page guide contains all the information you need to start being powerful AF with your dinero!


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Hu$tle & Flow: My Proven 10-Step Framework For Building Your Side Hustle

This free 22 page e-Book will help you tackle all the biggest obstacles you will face when starting a side hustle. BONUS ALERT: It also includes a list of 80 side hustle ideas to get your wheels turning!

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Master The Market: 5 Day Investing Challenge

This 5 Day Investing Challenge will set you up for success as a new investor. Learn how to open your account, select investments, and the best tools to continue your educational journey!

I’m Jannese Torres-Rodriguez…

I’m the creator and host of the Yo Quiero Dinero podcast. My personal finance journey began by accident. I was 25, getting another degree I didn’t even care about, dealing with a quarter life crisis and working a job I hated. One day in 2014, I walked into work, and got fired.

Having been fired for the first time ever, I knew I wanted to build a life that revolved around FREEDOM. I dove headfirst into learning everything I could about blogging. And just like, I became an accidental business owner!

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